Can You Tan Through Fake Tan on Sunbeds

Can You Tan Through Fake Tan on Sunbeds?

You cannot tan through fake tan (self-tanner) on sunbeds. Fake tan products work by coloring the outermost layer of your skin, and they do not provide any protection against UV rays.

With summer just around the corner, many people want a golden tan. Some people, however, prefer a safe alternative, like a fake tan. Now, can you tan through a fake tan on sunbeds?

Unfortunately, the fake tan can’t properly protect your skin from the Sun’s UV rays. There Are several reasons for the fake tan not working on your skin on sunbeds.

We’ll explore everything through our article regarding the fake tan and why it can’t protect you on sunbeds.

Can You Tan Through Fake Tan on Sunbeds?

Sunbeds emit ultraviolet (UV) radiation, primarily UVA and UVB rays, which penetrate the skin’s deeper layers to stimulate melanin production and cause natural tanning.

So, if you go under the sunbeds, you’ll need a tan to protect your skin from the UV rays. Now, can you tan through fake tan on sunbeds?

Of course, not! You cannot tan through fake tan on sunbeds. Using a sunbed with fake tan on your skin can still lead to sunburn and other harmful effects of UV exposure.

And it’s important to use proper sun protection, such as sunscreen, when using sunbeds to avoid skin damage.

Can You Tan Through Fake Tan on Sunbeds

Why Can’t You Tan Through Fake Tan on Sunbeds?

Fake tan products applied before using sunbeds do not facilitate tanning through the same biological processes as natural UV exposure.

They work on the skin’s surface through a chemical reaction and, as a result, do not provide the same protective mechanisms or long-lasting tanning effects.

Here are the reasons why you can’t tan through fake tan on sunbeds.

Chemical Reaction:

Fake tan products, including those used on sunbeds, typically contain active ingredients like DHA (dihydroxyacetone). The reaction of these ingredients with the amino acids on your skin results in a temporary color change.

This reaction occurs on the skin’s surface and doesn’t affect the underlying melanin production responsible for natural tanning.

Different Processes:

Natural tanning involves melanin production in response to UV radiation from the sun or sunbeds. Melanin protects against UV rays and results in the darkening of the skin.

Fake tan products, on the other hand, don’t trigger melanin production and don’t provide the same UV protection.

Absorption of UV Rays:

Sunbeds emit primarily UVA and UVB rays, which are responsible for triggering melanin production and tanning.

Fake tan products do not have the same ability to absorb these UV rays and convert them into a tan, as they work on the skin’s surface and do not penetrate deeply like natural melanin.

Duration of Effect:

Fake tan products have a limited duration of effectiveness, usually lasting for a few days to a week as the skin naturally sheds its outer layer. Natural tans resulting from UV exposure can last longer, depending on factors like skin type and sun exposure.

Risk of Overexposure:

Tanning through fake tan on sunbeds could potentially increase the risk of UV overexposure.

People might be more likely to stay in the sunbed for longer periods, thinking they are already protected by the fake tan, which could lead to skin damage from excessive UV radiation.

Uneven Distribution:

Fake tan products can sometimes result in uneven application or streaks, which could lead to an unnatural appearance if tanning on a sunbed.

Regulatory Considerations:

Sunbeds are regulated by health and safety guidelines that are primarily concerned with UV exposure and potential skin damage.

The use of fake tan products may not alter the UV exposure levels but can influence the perceived effectiveness of the sunbed session.

Can You Tan Through Fake Tan on Sunbeds


Will fake tan act as sunscreen when using sunbeds?

Generally, fake tan products generally don’t contain sufficient SPF to protect human skin from the UV effect. It is crucial to use appropriate sunscreen when using sunbeds, even if you have applied a fake tan.

Can you enhance your tan by using fake tan before sunbed sessions?

Using fake tan before sunbed sessions may give the appearance of a darker tan due to the temporary coloration from the product. However, it does not increase your skin’s ability to produce melanin or protect it from harmful UV radiation.

Is it safe to combine fake tan with sunbed use?

While combining fake tan with sunbed use doesn’t necessarily pose a direct health risk, it does not provide protection against UV radiation. Sunbeds can still cause skin damage, premature aging and increase the risk of skin cancer.

How long should I wait after applying a fake tan before using a sunbed?

There is no definitive waiting period, but allowing the fake tan to fully develop and settle on your skin (usually a few hours to a day) before using a sunbed is recommended. However, this will not provide protection against UV radiation.

Can I use fake tan to minimize the appearance of tan lines from sunbeds?

Yes, fake tan can temporarily mask the appearance of tan lines from sunbeds. However, it does not protect the skin from further UV damage and should not be relied upon as a sun protection method.

Will using fake tan on sunbed-burned skin help improve its appearance?

Applying fake tan to sunburned skin can worsen the irritation and may cause uneven coloration. It’s best to avoid using any products on sunburned skin and focus on proper aftercare and healing.

 Are there any benefits to using fake tan in conjunction with responsible sunbed use?

Fake tan can help achieve a desired aesthetic appearance, such as a darker skin tone, without UV exposure. However, it does not provide any health benefits associated with natural tanning, and you shouldn’t use it as a substitute for proper sun protection.

Can fake tan products provide a safer alternative to sunbed tanning?

While fake tan products can give the appearance of a tan without UV exposure, they do not offer the same benefits as natural sunlight, such as vitamin D synthesis.

The safest way to achieve a tan is through gradual exposure to natural sunlight while practicing proper sun protection.

Are there alternatives to sunbed and fake tanning for achieving a bronzed look?

Yes, alternative options exist, such as using self-tanning lotions, sprays, or bronzers that do not require UV exposure. These products provide temporary coloration and can help achieve a desired look without the risks associated with sunbeds or UV tanning.

Is it safe to use a fake tan immediately after using a sunbed session?

Applying fake tan after a sunbed session is generally safe, but it’s essential to allow your skin some time to cool down and recover from UV exposure. Applying a fake tan immediately after sunbed use might lead to skin irritation or uneven color development.


Understanding the disparities between fake tan, sunbeds, and tanning through fake tan on sunbeds is essential. Deliberate on the chemical reaction vs. natural melanin production, UV exposure risks, and short-lived effects.

So, hopefully, it’s clear, “Can you tan through fake tan on sunbeds?” Prioritize skin health by choosing wisely and opting for informed tanning choices. Your well-being deserves thoughtful consideration above all.

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