Can You Wear Fake Tan In A Hot Tub

Can You Wear Fake Tan In A Hot Tub?

Wearing fake tan in a hot tub has become a popular topic among tanning enthusiasts seeking to maintain their bronzed glow while indulging in relaxing sessions

Although it won’t harm a fake tan by itself, the harsh chemicals in the water could make the tan fade more quickly than usual. But using precautions and considerations can help like waterproofing, Pre-application Timing, Hot Tub Maintenance, Aftercare, and Patch Tests.

Here, You will learn about measures to take before using a hot tub after applying an artificial tan and how to keep them from fading in the tub. Let’s get into the topic.

What should you keep in mind when using a hot tub with a fake tan?

Pre-application Timing:

For optimal results, it’s prudent to apply the fake tan well in advance of your tub immersion. However, this proactive measure allows the product sufficient time, usually a few hours, to fully develop on your skin. Then by granting ample time for the tan to set, you minimize the risk of it washing off in the water.

Hot Tub Maintenance:

Upholding water quality becomes paramount when adorned with an artificial Although the tan’s allure is undeniable, its introduction to the water might lead to consequences such as filter blockages or even alterations in the water’s overall chemistry. To avert this kind of scenario, it is imperative to diligently maintain consistent cleaning schedules for your tub.


Post-hot tub use, exercise gentleness while drying your skin. Instead of vigorous rubbing, opt for a gentle patting motion. This approach safeguards the longevity of your synthetic tan as vigorous rubbing is the result of uneven fading.

Chemical Interactions: Be aware that chemicals present in the hot tub water, such as chlorine, could potentially affect the appearance and longevity of your fake tan.

Patch Test: Before embracing a new phony tan product in conjunction with your tub ritual, execute a patch test.  on the contrary, By applying a small amount of the product to a discreet area of your skin, you can gauge potential reactions or allergies. This simple step serves as an effective preventative measure.

Alternative Options:

If you’re concerned about how well your tan will last or be maintained in this environment, you have alternative approaches to consider. Applying the fake tan following your relaxation session is a feasible choice. Alternatively, investigate sunless tanning methods that align more seamlessly with your preferred activities.

Will Fake Tan Ruin Hot Tub?

Will Fake Tan Ruin Hot Tub
  • A fake spray tan can potentially contain harsh chemicals that may harm tub surfaces.
  • Prior to using faux tanning products, it’s crucial to review the guidelines provided by the manufacturer. 
  • Ensuring appropriate maintenance and observing secure measures can effectively safeguard against potential harm. 
  • This principle remains valid for the use of chemical tanning products in a tanning bed as well.

How Long After A Spray Tan Can You Use A Hot Tub?

  • Before using a hot tub, allow not less than 24 hours after having a spray tan.
  • During the first day following the spray tan treatment, stay out of tubs, pools, and lengthy baths.
  • To avoid rubbing off the tan after utilizing the hot tub, gently pat your skin dry after the waiting period.

Does hot water make fake tan come off?

The warm water in a bathtub helps to dissolve dead skin cells and elevates their pH level, enabling natural exfoliation, which is helpful for your skin. This procedure works better the more deeply you relax in the hot tub. Moreover,  Your skin may be made smooth and ready for a spray tan application by soaking in a hot tub. Another thing to take into consideration is that Warm water’s ability to remove dead cells from the skin makes for a perfect medium that allows the spray tan can cling, resulting in a tan that is more even and long-lasting.

Some Important  Aftercare Tips

  1. Wait 24 hours before using the tub to allow the tan to set.
  2. Pat dry gently use to avoid streaks.
  3. Keep your skin moisturized regularly.
  4. Use mild, non-abrasive soaps and avoid exfoliants.
  5. Consider shorter sessions to preserve the tan.
  6. Apply sunscreen when outdoors to protect the tan.
  7. Reapply spray tan as needed to maintain the color.
  8. Rinse off after a chlorinated hot tub to minimize the tan impact

Some potential risk 

Uneven Tan, Fading and Staining, Residue Buildup, Skin Irritation, and Water Chemistry Imbalance

Do chemicals in a hot tub affect fake tan?

The presence of chemicals, notably chlorine, in a hot tub, has a notable impact on the longevity and appearance of a forged tan. Elevated chlorine levels can gradually fade the tan or disrupt the delicate chemical balance of the water. Likewise, everyday personal care products like shampoos, body washes, and lotions can also influence the effectiveness of a counterfeit tan.

In light of these considerations, it’s essential to adopt precautionary measures. This involves conscientiously minimizing exposure to these agents whenever possible and thoroughly rinsing before immersing oneself in the hot tub. To effectively shield the tan, applying a small amount of tanning oil prior to entering the water can significantly mitigate the risk of excessive water absorption by the skin.

Importantly, it should be noted that, in certain cases, a fake tan can affect the water composition and lead to staining within itself. Additionally, it has the potential to challenge the functionality of the filtration system as it strives to extract tanning molecules from the water.

Given these potential risks and complexities, prudence is advisable. Opting to abstain from wearing an artificial tan while using a hot tub is a proactive measure. By doing so, you not only preserve the endurance of your tan but also avoid potential complications arising from interactions between the tan and the environment.

How To Stop Fake Tan Coming Off In Hot Tub

How To Stop Fake Tan Coming Off In Hot Tub

There are a few easy steps to take if you want to maintain your phoney looking flawless in the tub. To ensure an even and durable application, First,  wash your skin before using the self-tanner. After that, choose a product that can tolerate heat and chemicals by being water-resistant. To give an additional layer of protection, you can put an extra coat of waterproof sunscreen over the faux sunless tan. Finally, avoid using abrasive soaps or exfoliants in the hot tub because doing so may hasten the fading of your synthetic tan. You may enjoy your relaxing spa without being concerned that your fake tan will rub off by using these suggestions.


How long does the fake tan last?

around 5-7 days

Can I fake a tan every day?

It’s not necessary to apply self-tanner every single day

What day does fake tan look best?

2nd day

Does fake tan get darker after a shower?

It usually takes around 2–4 hours to start and 24–72 hours to fully develop. That means it’s normal for your tan to darken over time, even after rinsing off the product.

Do tan people look skinnier?

Basically the darker your skin the more defined your muscles look, giving the impression you are distinctly toned.


In the final analysis, while it is possible to fake a tan and soak in a hot tub, there are a few things to keep in mind. It is necessary to wait at least  24 hours after artificial tanning before entering a hot tub.

Furthermore, the harsh chemicals in artificial tanning products have the potential to damage a hot tub. It is better to avoid deploying chlorine pools or hot tubs and instead use sunless tanning solutions.

With careful planning and care, you may confidently enjoy your hot tub with a stunning and perfect fake tan, enhancing the calming and tanning feeling.

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