Do Fake Funko Pops Have Serial Numbers

Do Fake Funko Pops Have Serial Numbers? Identifying Authenticity Verification!

Authentic Funko Pop figures typically have a serial number printed on the bottom of the box. This serial number is unique to each figure and can be used to verify its authenticity. However, fake or counterfeit Funko Pop figures might also have serial numbers, but these numbers may not match the legitimate database or may be duplicated across multiple figures, making them unreliable for authentication.

It’s essential to be cautious when purchasing Funko Pop figures, especially from unofficial or unverified sources, as counterfeit products can lack the quality, detail, and authenticity of genuine Funko Pop figures. When in doubt, it’s advisable to buy from reputable retailers or directly from Funko-authorized sellers to reduce the risk of obtaining fake or counterfeit items. Additionally, if you suspect you have a counterfeit Funko Pop figure, you can contact Funko’s customer service or visit their official website for guidance on verifying its authenticity.

How to Identify Authentic Funko Pop Figures by Serial Numbers?

How to Identify Authentic Funko Pop Figures by Serial Numbers

When we know where to find serial numbers and why they’re important, it helps us check if Funko Pop toys are real or fake before buying them. This way, collectors and buyers can make sure they’re getting genuine items for their collections.

Serial Numbers as Authenticity Markers

Serial numbers play a crucial role as authenticity markers for genuine Funko Pop figures. These unique alphanumeric codes are assigned to each figure during production and serve as identifiers for verifying their authenticity. The serial numbers act as a means of tracking and differentiating between individual figures within Funko’s database. They help collectors and retailers confirm the legitimacy of a Funko Pop by cross-referencing the serial number with official records or databases provided by Funko.

B. Where Serial Numbers are Typically Located

Authentic Funko Pop figures commonly have their serial numbers located in specific areas on their packaging. These serial numbers can typically be found on the bottom or back of the packaging box. The placement of the serial number can vary slightly depending on the specific series or collection of the Funko Pop. However, regardless of the location, the serial number is usually clearly printed and easily identifiable.

C. Unique Identifiers and Their Role in Verifying Legitimacy

Each Funko Pop figure is assigned a distinct serial number, which serves as a unique identifier for that particular item. These serial numbers are not replicated across multiple figures; each figure has its own unique code. Verifying the legitimacy of a Funko Pop involves confirming that the serial number matches the official records and databases provided by Funko. Authenticity is reinforced by the individuality of these serial numbers, ensuring that each figure can be traced back to its original production and authenticity verification process.

What Are the Signs of Fake Funko Pop Figures?

These signs provide collectors and buyers with the necessary knowledge to scrutinize serial numbers, packaging quality, design details, and pricing sources when assessing the authenticity of Funko Pop figures. 

Lack of or Incorrect Serial Numbers

One of the prominent indicators of a counterfeit Funko Pop is the absence of serial numbers or the presence of incorrect or duplicated serial numbers. Authentic Funko Pops have unique, verifiable serial numbers that are specific to each figure and can be cross-referenced with official databases. 

Counterfeit figures may lack these serial numbers altogether, or they might have fake or replicated numbers that do not match the official records, raising suspicions about their authenticity.

Inconsistencies in Packaging Quality

Counterfeit Funko Pop figures often display inconsistencies in the quality of their packaging. These inconsistencies may include low print quality, blurry images or text, misspellings, incorrect logos, or unusual design elements not present in genuine packaging. 

Deviations from the standard packaging quality observed in authentic Funko Pops can serve as red flags for potential counterfeit products.

Discrepancies in Paint Job, Details, or Design

Examining the figure itself is crucial when identifying fake Funko Pops. Counterfeit figures may exhibit discrepancies in the paint job, design details, or overall build quality when compared to their authentic counterparts. 

This can involve inaccuracies in color schemes, missing or altered details, poor craftsmanship, or noticeable differences in the overall design, indicating a lack of attention to detail and authenticity.

Unusual Pricing or Purchasing from Unverified Sources

Unusually low pricing or purchasing Funko Pops from unverified or unauthorized sources can also be indicative of counterfeit products. Authentic Funko Pops generally maintain a consistent pricing range across authorized retailers.

If a price seems significantly lower than the standard market value or if the source is unverified or unfamiliar, it might be a warning sign of a counterfeit item.

How Do Fake Funko Pops Sometimes Mislead with Serial Numbers?

How Do Fake Funko Pops Sometimes Mislead with Serial Numbers

These misconceptions emphasize the need for a comprehensive approach to verifying Funko Pop figures’ authenticity.

Presence of Serial Numbers Doesn’t Guarantee Authenticity

One prevalent misconception is that the mere presence of a serial number automatically confirms the authenticity of a Funko Pop figure. However, this is not always the case. While authentic Funko Pops typically possess unique serial numbers as markers of legitimacy, counterfeiters have become increasingly adept at replicating these serial numbers. 

Consequently, having a serial number does not guarantee the authenticity of a figure; instead, it requires additional verification steps, such as cross-referencing the serial number with official databases or examining other authenticity markers.

Counterfeit Figures May Have Fake or Replicated Serial Numbers

Another misconception is assuming that counterfeit Funko Pop figures lack serial numbers entirely. In reality, counterfeiters may include fake or replicated serial numbers on their products to create an illusion of authenticity. These fake serial numbers might appear legitimate at first glance but do not match the official records maintained by Funko. 

Furthermore, collectors should not solely rely on the presence of a serial number but should verify its authenticity through official channels or by comparing it with known genuine serial numbers.


How do I know if my Funko Pop is valuable?

Valuing a Funko Pop depends on factors like rarity, condition, and demand. Limited editions, exclusives, or discontinued ones often hold higher value.

Can you scan fake pops?

There’s no direct scanning method to identify fake Funko Pops. Analyzing details like paint quality, packaging, and checking for authorized licensing helps in spotting fakes.

Do Funko Pops lose value if opened?

Generally, yes, opening a Funko Pop could reduce its value, especially for collectors who prefer items in mint condition, still in the original packaging.

What is the most expensive pop?

The most expensive Funko Pop was a metallic gold version of “Dumbo” (Disney), sold for around $480,000 in 2019.

What is the rarest Funko Pop ever made?

The rarest Funko Pop is often debated, but some highly sought-after ones include the glow-in-the-dark Green Lantern and the metallic version of the Genie from Aladdin.

How much is 1 Funko Pop worth?

The value varies significantly based on factors like rarity, condition, demand, and exclusivity. Some can range from a few dollars to thousands of dollars in resale value.

Final Words

In conclusion, when collecting Funko Pop figures, it’s essential to pay close attention to details like serial numbers, packaging, and purchasing sources to verify authenticity. While serial numbers are important, they don’t always guarantee legitimacy, as counterfeit figures might have fake or replicated numbers. 

To ensure you’re getting genuine Funko Pops, it’s crucial to cross-reference serial numbers with official records, inspect packaging for quality and consistency, and buy from trusted sellers.

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