Does Shaving Remove Fake Tan

Does Shaving Remove Fake Tan?

Tanning allows you to shave without eliminating all of your acquired colors. Just let your tan take at least 8 hours to settle in before you shave.

Although you can shave after a spray tan, remember that you may lose some of your tan, especially if you take a long shower or bath before shaving. Preparing correctly for your tan (see spray tan preparation) will reduce the likelihood of shaving messing up your tan.

Can you shave after self-tanning- In 7 ways 

Self-tanning products have become popular as a way to fake a tan without putting one’s skin at risk in the sun. When using self-tanner and, more specifically, when shaving afterward, caution is needed. 

However, shaving after a self-tan may be difficult since it might disrupt the uniformity and longevity of the tan. See the details below for the best practices, equipment, and precautions for shaving after using self-tanner.

  1. Wait for the Right Time: You should wait 8-12 hours after using a self-tanner before shaving. Within this period, you’ll have a more even tan and less chance of peeling.
  2. Assemble your shaving kit: Before you start shaving, gathering all the supplies you’ll need is a good idea. A clean, sharp razor, a hydrating shaving cream or gel, an exfoliating scrub, a plush washcloth, and a soothing body lotion are all essentials.
  3. Exfoliate Gently: Apply a mild scrub to your skin and start there. This prepares your skin for shaving by removing any dry, flaky skin.
  4. Apply Shaving Cream: Apply the area you plan to shave with a thick layer of shaving cream or gel that contains hydrating ingredients. Thanks to the lubrication provided by the shaving cream, you won’t have to worry as much about cuts and razor burns.
  5. Shave Carefully: Use a clean, sharp razor in the same direction your hair grows. To avoid irritation, avoid applying too much pressure. You may prevent clogging by rinsing the razor often.
  6. Rinse and Pat Dry: After you’re done shaving, give the region a quick rinse with lukewarm water to remove any shaving cream traces. Dry the skin by patting it gently with a soft washcloth.
  7. Moisturize: After shaving and tanning, moisturize the skin with a rich body lotion. Staying hydrated is crucial if you want your self-tan to last.
Does Shaving Remove Fake Tan


  • If you want to avoid stains and uneven coloring, wait at least an hour after using a self-tanner before shaving.
  • Use a shaving cream or gel with hydrating ingredients to avoid damaging your skin’s moisture barrier.
  • Be careful when shaving to protect your skin and your tan.
  • You should use a fresh razor blade for the best possible shaving experience.
  • Use a tan extender or slow self-tanning lotion to level out any streaks or uneven coloration you may have seen after shaving.
  • Regularly applying moisturizer can help your self-tan last longer and look better.


When to shave before a spray tan?

You should shave at least 24 hours before getting a spray tan. It’s best to wait at least four hours after shaving before getting a tan and to finish your shower with a cold water rinse to shut your pores.

How soon before spray tan should I shave?

You should shave or wax before your scheduled session. If you exfoliate after a tan, you can hasten its fading by removing dead skin cells. A spray tan is best applied between 24 and 48 hours after exfoliating.

Should I shave the day before or the day of a spray tan?

Get a shave the night before. You shouldn’t have to shave your legs before getting a spray tan unless you have dark, coarse hair that grows quickly. If you have fast-growing hair, you should wax a few days before getting a spray tan. Also, remember that waxing can be irritating to your skin.

How long after a spray tan can you shower?

Wait 8-10 hours before taking a shower. In contrast to the 2-5 hour wait period for a quick solution spray tan, this guideline applies to those who choose a conventional spray tan. You should not shower for at least 8-10 hours after your session.

Do spray tans darken overnight?

Blends with different components will reach their full-color potential at different periods. With a DHA-only mixture, complete darkness can be achieved in as little as 12-24 hours for some. Some products have a 24-hour development time, whereas those that include erythrulose have a development time of 48 to 72 hours.

Final Verdict

Time is crucial for a smooth, uniform outcome when shaving after a self-tan. The beauty of your tanned skin may be preserved as you take pleasure in a close and comfortable shave by following the required waiting period, employing suitable shaving methods, and moisturizing sufficiently. 

When you combine self-tanning with shaving, remember that the greatest results may be achieved with time and careful attention to detail.

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