How To Make Fake Tan Last Longer

How To Make Fake Tan Last Longer!

Extending the longevity of your fake tan requires diligent care and maintenance. Prepping your skin by exfoliating before application ensures an even base. Moisturize consistently, focusing on drier areas like elbows and knees to prevent premature fading. Opt for oil-free, gentle cleansers to avoid stripping the tan. Pat, don’t rub; your skin is dry after bathing.

 Use a gradual tanning lotion to touch up fading areas. Avoid prolonged exposure to water and activities that cause excessive sweating.

Finally, shield your skin from the sun with protective clothing and sunscreen. Following these steps can help your fake tan retain its radiance for an extended period.

How to make fake tan last longer

Here are a few methods to make a fake tan last longer. Let’s look at the following:

  1. Start with foliation

To get a long-lasting fake tan, focus on exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, which is essential for tan persistence. Exfoliation not only smoothes the skin but also creates an even canvas for self-tanning. As you set out to reveal a beautiful, natural-looking bronze glow, a complete self-tanner guide is here to assure long-lasting, faultless results.

  1. Skip hot water for bathing

While hot baths and showers are enjoyable, they can strip your fake tan, causing dryness and shedding. To prevent flaking and maintain results, avoid prolonged exposure to hot water during showers and baths. Waiting at least eight hours after application before showering, and ideally, 24 hours, ensures optimal tan development and longevity.

  1. Prevent shedding with moisturizing

Maintain skin moisture to prevent shedding, which accelerates tan fading. Utilize our Tan Enhancing Body Moisturizer before and after tanning for up to 3 days longer tan retention and even fade. Therefore, avoid oil-based moisturizers like coconut oil, as they can lead to uneven application and tan breakdown, hastening fade.

  1. Reapply strategically

To even out fading, reapply self-tanner where needed. Gently exfoliate uneven patches before applying a thin layer. Avoid excess application to prevent patchiness.

  1. Shave or wax beforehand

For an ultra-smooth finish, shave or use hair removal products 24 hours pre-tan. Closed pores prevent spots or black dots from trapped products. Post-tan hair removal accelerates tan loss—pre-tan grooming preserves your glow.

  1. Stay away from harsh products

Preserve your tan’s beauty by avoiding harsh products. Steer clear of strong acne treatments, facial masks, toners with witch hazel, alcohol-based products, and waxing strips. These can diminish your gorgeous tan. Opt for gentle skincare to maintain your radiant sun-kissed look.

  1. Extend Your Tan with Self Tanner

 If you have a natural sun tan, a moisturizing self-tanner can help prolong your tan’s life and minimize sun damage.

  1. Stay Hydrated

 Drinking water promotes healthy skin and helps maintain your tan’s radiance by flushing out toxins and improving circulation.

  1. Illuminate with Lotion

 Use an illuminating lotion to highlight and nourish your tan, enhancing its longevity and keeping your skin hydrated.

  1. Sunscreen Protection

 Maintain your tan’s appearance by wearing SPF 30 sunscreen daily, even with a self-tan. Prevent sunburn and peeling that can shorten your tan’s lifespan.

  1. Opt for dark and pastel attire

Opt for pastel blues and pinks to complement warm skin tones and enhance your tan. Dark clothing and black attire can also bring out golden tones.

  1. Remove tan before reapplying

For a flawless fake tan, begin with a clean slate. Avoid uneven build-up by starting afresh each time. Consider using St.Tropez Tan Remover Mousse infused with Cotton Extract and Probiotics to purify and prime your skin.

  1. Stay dry

Apply baby powder to sweat-prone and friction areas like inner thighs and joints. Stay hydrated, and avoid heat and direct sun. Cooler conditions prolong tan durability, ensuring your tan remains flawless.

  1. Touch up as needed

For an extended fake tan, consider occasional touch-ups. Use a mix of regular moisturizer and tan extender every other day to maintain a fresh look. Opt for products containing DHA and prefer professional sunless tanning for a natural, flawless appearance.

What not to do after a fake tan?

What not to do after a fake tan?

Here are some things to avoid after a fake tan:

  • Water Contact

Give your tan 8 hours to set by avoiding water. This allows the tan to develop and adhere properly.

  • Hot Baths and Showers

Heat can strip your tan, so opt for lukewarm water to prevent premature fading.

  • Harsh Exfoliation

Steer clear of abrasive scrubs that can remove the tan. Gentle exfoliation is ideal.

  • Chlorinated Pools

Swimming in chlorinated pools can accelerate tan fading due to chemical reactions.

  • Sweating

Minimize excessive sweating to prevent uneven tan fading and patches.

  • Tight Clothing

Choose loose-fitting attire to prevent friction that could rub off the tan.

  • Perfume or Deodorant

Avoid applying them directly to the tan, as they can alter the color.

  • Harsh Soaps

Opt for mild cleansers to avoid stripping the tan and maintaining its longevity.

  • Shaving

Wait at least 24 hours before shaving to prevent tan removal.

  • Retinol or Acids

Skip these products, as they can cause faster fading of the tan.

  • Harsh Makeup Removers

Choose gentle options to prevent tan removal from your face.

  • Hair Removal Creams

These products can strip your tan, so avoid them.

  • Skipping Moisturizing

Hydrated skin retains the tan better than dry skin.

  • Sun Exposure Without SPF

UV rays accelerate tan fading, so always wear sunscreen.

  • Exfoliating Facials or Treatments

 Avoid treatments that can remove tan from your face.

How to shower for a longer fake tan

How to shower for a longer fake tan

To maintain a longer-lasting fake tan while showering, consider these steps:

  • Wait for the Right Time

Avoid showering for at least 8 hours after applying the fake tan to allow it to develop fully.

  • Use Lukewarm Water

 Hot water can strip the tan, so opt for lukewarm water during your shower.

  • Limit Shower Time

 Keep your showers shorter to minimize the exposure of your tan to water.

  • Gentle Cleansers

Use a mild, sulfate-free cleanser to avoid harsh chemicals that can fade the tan.

  • Pat Dry

After showering, gently pat your skin dry instead of rubbing vigorously to avoid scrubbing off the tan.

  • Moisturize After Showering

Apply a hydrating moisturizer immediately after showering to lock in moisture and prolong the tan.

  • Avoid Exfoliation

 Skip using harsh scrubs or exfoliating tools during your shower, as they can remove the tan.

  • Be Mindful of Products

 Use caution with soaps, shampoos, and body washes, as some ingredients can contribute to tan fading.

  • Cool Down the Water

 Gradually reduce the water temperature towards the end of your shower to close the pores and seal in the tan.

  • Dry Off Thoroughly

 Ensure you’re completely dry before getting dressed to prevent friction that can lead to patchiness.

By following these showering tips, you can help prolong the life of your fake tan and enjoy a more even and enduring sun-kissed look.


How long after a spray tan can you shower?

After a spray tan, wait at least 8 hours before showering. This time allows the tanning solution to develop and set on your skin fully. Showering too soon can disrupt the process and lead to uneven fading. Opt for a quick, lukewarm shower without harsh soaps and pat your skin dry gently to preserve the tan.

How long does it take a fake tan to develop?

The development time of a fake tan depends on the product and its formulation. Most tans will start to show noticeable color within 2 to 4 hours after application. However, to achieve the full depth of color, it’s recommended to wait 8 to 12 hours before showering or getting wet.

How long does fake tan last?

The longevity of a fake tan varies based on factors like skin type, preparation, application, and aftercare. Generally, a well-maintained fake tan can last around 5 to 7 days. Regular moisturizing, avoiding excessive water exposure, and gentle skincare can help prolong the tan’s lifespan.

Why does my fake tan only last 2 days?

A fake tan’s durability can be influenced by various factors. Inadequate exfoliation before tanning, lack of skin hydration, incorrect application, and frequent water exposure can contribute to a shorter tan lifespan. Following proper pre-tan and post-tan care, using quality products, and avoiding excessive water contact can help extend its longevity.

What’s the recommended waiting time after showering to apply fake tan?

After showering, ensure your skin is fully dry, usually within 15-30 minutes, before putting on a fake tan. Moisture can disrupt product absorption, leading to an uneven application. Make sure your skin is free of any lotions, oils, or residue before tanning for optimal results.

Does a fake tan last longer if you don’t shower?

Yes, refraining from showering immediately after a fake tan can help the tan develop and adhere to the skin better. It’s generally recommended to wait at least 8 hours before showering to allow the tan to set. This can contribute to a longer-lasting spray tan, but showering is essential to remove excess tanning solution and reveal the final tan result.

Do I shave before or after fake tan?

It’s recommended to shave or wax at least 24 hours before applying a fake tan. This allows your skin’s pores to close and prevents any irritation or potential color unevenness. Shaving immediately after a fake tan application can lead to tan removal, causing patches and an uneven result.

Can I fake tan with hairy legs?

While you can apply fake tan to hairy legs, it’s recommended to shave or wax before tanning. Hair can obstruct an even tan application, leading to uneven color distribution. Smooth skin provides a better surface for the tanning product to adhere to, resulting in a more consistent and natural-looking tan.

Can I put another layer of fake tan on the next day?

Applying another layer of fake tan the next day is generally not recommended. It’s best to wait for your current tan to develop and assess the color fully. If you’re looking for a deeper color, wait a few days before reapplying. Layering too soon can result in an uneven or overly intense tan.

What happens if you wash fake tan off early?

Washing off fake tan early can lead to a lighter tan than intended. The development time specified on the product instructions is crucial for achieving the desired color. Cutting the time short might result in a less noticeable tan. It’s important to follow the recommended timeframe for optimal results.

How can I stop my face from fading faster than my body?

To prevent your face from fading faster than your body, follow these steps:

  • Using a mild cleanser and avoiding harsh exfoliation.
  • Applying a facial moisturizer daily to retain moisture.
  • Incorporating a gradual self-tanning product for touch-ups.
  • Shielding your face from UV rays with SPF.
  • Minimizing makeup and skincare products that may strip the tan.
  • Moisturizing frequently to slow down natural exfoliation and prolong your tan.

Final Verdict

Achieving a lasting fake tan involves key practices: exfoliation before tanning, consistent moisturizing, avoiding extended water exposure, using gentle products, SPF protection, and touch-up options. When followed diligently, these steps can extend your fake tan’s life and give you that sun-kissed glow for an extended period. 

For a deeper understanding and more tips, explore the provided article. Embrace these techniques for a prolonged and radiant tan experience.

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