how To Tell If iPad Is Fake

How To Tell If iPad Is Fake?

Check the Serial Number. The serial number entered must be the same as the one seen on the packaging. The Apple website also allows you to verify the serial number. Enter the serial number on Apple’s website’s “Check Coverage” page. Apple’s servers may not correct or recognize the serial number if the device is fake.

Access the serial number by selecting Settings > General > About. You should check the serial number. You may need to scroll down to view the IMEI, MEID, and ICCID. You may copy the number by touching and holding it, then pasting it into Apple’s support or registration forms.

How to tell if iPad is fake in 11 ways 

Although it might be challenging to spot a fake iPad, there are a few methods you can follow to assist you in evaluating its legitimacy. Remember that counterfeiters are becoming more skilled. Therefore, it’s crucial to be careful. Here’s how to determine whether an iPad is fake: 

  1. Verify the Box and Packaging
  • Check the packaging for fuzzy logos, misspelled wording, and other evidence of poor printing quality.
  • See if the box has the Apple logo. It must be clear and distinct, without any blurring or fuzziness.
  • Use the Apple website or Apple Support app to double-check the details listed on the packaging, such as the model name and serial number.
  1. IMEI/Serial Number
  • Use the Apple website or the Apple Support app to double-check the iPad’s IMEI and serial number against the company’s data.
  1. Examine the Build Quality
  • Fake iPads may have somewhat lower quality components than original iPads. Check for loose threads, sloppy stitching, and the feel of inferior materials.
  • Check out how a fake iPad compares size and weight to the real thing. Possible signs of a fake include a lighter or flimsier weight.
  1. See the Buttons and Ports
  • You can tell an authentic iPad by its well-built buttons and connectors. Check for a slick experience by pressing the buttons.
  • Look for misalignment or other abnormalities in the Lightning or USB-C connector.
  1. Check the Display
  • Actual iPad feature excellent Retina displays. Verify that the colors, contrast, and brightness all seem OK.
  • Fake iPads may have screens of inferior quality or don’t respond well to touch.
  1. Features and Connectivity
  • Verify the functionality of wireless connections like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • Ensure things like Touch ID and Face ID (if present) work properly.
  1. Software and User Interface
  • Fake iPads might run a custom or out-of-date build of iOS. Check for differences between the UI and settings and a verified genuine iPad.
  • Look for misalignment or other abnormalities in the Lightning or USB-C connector.
  1. Cameras and Sensors
  • Check that the sensors and cameras are working correctly by testing their output.
  1. Certifications and Documentation
  • Original iPads have all the proper paperwork, such as user guides, warranties, and safety approvals. Verify that these are present.
  1. Price and Source
  • An indication of a fake is a very low price.
  • Avoid buying a fake by only buying from Apple or an authorized Apple reseller.
  1. Authenticate with Apple
  • Apple has a support page where you can enter your serial number and verify it. To ensure your Apple product is genuine, visit the “Check Coverage” page on Apple’s website and input the serial number.
how To Tell If iPad Is Fake


How do I verify Apple product is real?

The color, model, storage capacity, and warranty expiry date of your device should all be identical to what is printed on the packaging. Additionally, you may verify the serial number by checking Apple’s database. If you have any doubts about the authenticity of your Apple device, you may look up the serial number on Apple’s website.

Do all iPads have IMEI numbers?

Only cellular iPads would have a unique IMEI number. A serial number is a unique identifier for your iPad, although all iPads have one.

How many digits is an iPad serial number?

Any Apple device manufactured after 2010 will have a 12-character serial number, the first three digits of which will show the nation of origin, the following two digits the year and week of production, the next three digits a unique identity, and the final four digits the country code. 

How do I know if my Apple adapter is original?

Check the packaging and cable for correct identification. Suppose you look closely at an Apple Lightning to USB cable. In that case, you’ll see the phrases “Designed by Apple in California” and “Assembled in China,” “Assembled in Vietnam,” or “Indstria Brasileira” around seven inches from the USB connector. This document comes with a unique serial number that is 12 characters long.

What is the difference between IMEI and serial numbers on iPad?

There is zero correlation between IMEI and serial numbers. All Apple products (and products from any other manufacturer) have unique serial numbers. The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) is a globally unique identifier for mobile devices.

Final Verdict 

The ability to distinguish between a real iPad and a fake has become increasingly important as counterfeiting techniques have improved. You may greatly increase your chances of spotting a fake gadget by paying close attention to details and using a systematic approach.

When in doubt, visit an Apple Store or a certified Apple service provider. You may rely on their knowledge to establish with absolute certainty whether or not the iPad is authentic. 

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